ctrl-x films began in 2007 (as 'filmnight productions'), a group of amateur filmmakers producing short films for the love of it. Most of our output has been dark comedy, inspired by the likes of the Coen brothers. Over the years, we've tried our hand at period drama and even a post-apocalyptic feature filmWe're always interested in experimenting with new styles and techniques, and enjoy collaborating on new ideas. 

We've progressed from making no-budget short films as a group of friends to more highly polished productions for competition and festival entry. Over the years we've gained a lot of experience in different techniques and with different equipment. Our most recent films have been shot on Canon DSLRs, taking advantage of their low-cost HD capabilities and interchangeable lenses, and we use a variety of equipment and software built up over the years. We have our sights set high and believe that filmmaking is a uniquely collaborative and creative process. It's also really good fun!

Some of our short films have been shown at film festivals and competitions, including Portsmouth's SHORTS:CUT where we were finalists two years running, the AEON arts and music festival in Devon and I AM JOY arts festival in Chichester.  

We have a team of regular cast and crew based in Hampshire and produce most of our work around Portsmouth, Southampton and Chichester. The group has an open membership policy, and we always welcome newcomers of any age and from any background. 

Please browse the films and news sections for details of our past and future projects. We love hearing from you so feel free to connect with us via our Facebook group or send us a message.